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Aimee Luff

Young professional with experience in both non-profit and finance. Currently works with the UN Global Compact Network Australia. An avid reader, I enjoy cooking, practising yoga and writing.


Aimee currently works at the Global Compact Network Australia, the local arm of the UN Global Compact.
Here, she is involved in the governenace of the organisation, as well as across its four workstreams of human rights, bribery and corruption prevention, environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

She holds a Bachelor of International Studies, and Graduate Diploma in Professional Political Practice, both from Deakin University, and is currently undertaking a Masters of Public Policy at Monash University.

Outside of her work with the Global Compact Network Australia, and volunteering with Altiorem, Aimee also volunteers for the social enterprise Co-Ground Coffee. Aimee has also spent time volunteering with Oaktree, the youth-run organisation on their Live Below the Line campaign. The campaign raised funds to combat poverty by funding grassroots organisations in Cambodia and Timor-Leste to provide education to their local communities.

Prior to joining the Global Compact Network Australia, Aimee worked at River Capital, a boutique investment firm, as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, Head of Co-Investment and Chief Financial Officer. Here she was involved in financial administration, including anti-bribery and corruption policies, event management and system implementation.


Climate change and COVID-19: Reinforcing Indigenous food systems

9 September 2020
Climate change is affecting Indigenous food systems, making Indigenous populations vulnerable to food and nutritional insecurity. The nature and extent of the effects of COVID-19 on Indigenous food systems include mortality from severe illness, reduced access to food, changes in local diet, and economic losses resulting from lockdowns.


SDG Industry Matrix: Healthcare and life sciences

Compiled by the UN Global Compact and KPMG, the SDG Industry Matrixes focus on the opportunities, principle-based initiatives, and opportunities for collaboration across seven sectors. This matrix applies to companies and initiatives in the healthcare and life sciences sector, highlighting the nexus between sustainability and value.