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Emmalene Wysocki

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) with an ambition to complete a Master of Environmental Psychology. I’d like to apply my knowledge to advocate pro-environmental and sustainable behaviour.


I have mostly worked in the corporate industry where I have developed and managed various projects and produced a large portfolio of written content. I have gratefully been involved in projects that have facilitated improved corporate social responsibility, which legitimised my long-term passion for sustainability and led my career switch.

Into the future, I would like to create more sustainable societies through strategic implementation that advocate sustainable behaviour, at the individual and systemic levels. I absorb value in all things sustainability but express particular interest in the areas of consumer demand, plastic use and food waste.

Emmalene Wysocki


Investing in the green economy - sizing the opportunity

15 December 2020
This paper emphasises the capacity of the green economy in meeting environmental objectives in decision-making processes. FTSE Russell advocate data as crucial to investors to monitor industry and company-specific contributions to the economy and to assess opportunities in new green products and services.


Appetite for disruption: A second serving

This report explores the growth of the alternative protein market, particularly in the face of supply chain disruptions, food safety concerns from COVID-19, and global emissions. This is published alongside FAIRR's Sustainable Proteins Hub, an interactive tool which allows investors to assess how companies are diversifying toward alternative, climate-positive portfolios.