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Evelyn Dang

A master of environment and sustainability graduate passionate on changing the world to be a more sustainable place for future generations. Interested in areas of corporate responsibility and have previously conducted research for a major Australian mining company to understand the impacts of climate change on their business.


As I am studying a Master of Environment and Sustainability, I am passionate to help companies transform their businesses to better manage the risks and also be more aware of the possible opportunities that are coming due to climate change. This experience showed me the value of corporate sustainability because it showcased how businesses have the potential to pave a path towards creating a more sustainable society that can lead to a thriving environment and economy for future generations to come whether it’s through minimising environmental impacts through emission reduction or pushing for a circular economy, or even promoting equity, gender equality and providing a platform for people to speak.

Through volunteering as a contributor for Altiorem, I am learning more about sustainable finance and the positive potential corporations have to better the world.

Evelyn Dang


Framing the future of corporate governance: Deloitte governance framework

This report outlines the Deloitte governance framework which provides board members with an end-to-end view of corporate governance. The aim of the framework is to act as a tool for board members and executives to quickly identify potential opportunities to improve both effectiveness and efficiency within the organisation structure.