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Fiona Donnelly

Based in Hong Kong since ’95, CA turned BD pro with sector depth/interest/understanding of the interface of business and sustainability.  Hardwiring as CA has drawn me to get involved in the finance/investment side of sustainability.


Fiona is a B to B veteran, starting with nine years with two of the Big 4 (qualifying as a Chartered Accountant then moving to business development), then diversifying into other professional services.  Today she operates as Red Links, and leads/co-ordinates a unique consortium of experienced sustainability and business professionals that provides tailor-made, business-ready solutions in Investment and ESG, as well as the staples in sustainability.

Her interest in sustainability peaked in the mid-noughties when serving her third foreign direct investment agency – Scottish Development International – as cleantech and renewables were and remain a key selling point and opportunity for the country.  Since then she has worked with various clients in cleantech, recycling, ESG and sustainability. She applies her business perspective to sustainability across projects, articles, engagement, events; is a member of the Sustainability Panel of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland; won a scholarship to do the Business Sustainability Management certificate awarded by the Institute for Sustainability Leadership of Cambridge University; and has passed the CFA Institute’s Certificate in ESG Investing exam.

Fiona’s diverse skills and experience give her an unusual business perspective that cuts across traditional functions.  For sustainability, it’s a view that is becoming increasingly relevant and urgent as businesses and finance grapple with balancing their greater roles and responsibilities, and profit objectives.

An enthusiastic Scot, she enjoys playing a game that loosely resembles what other folks call golf.


Investing for the climate in Asia

1 September 2016
Are “green finance" and climate change gaining traction in the Asian financial sector? Asia Research and Engagement (ARE) reviewed the practices of 88 leading financial institutions across Asia-Pacific to find out. Growing momentum is discovered: 28% of banks and 30% of investors have incorporated climate change into their respective policies.

Point of no returns - a ranking of 75 of the world’s largest asset managers’ approaches to responsible investment

31 March 2020
In this first of a series of reports released by ShareAction, 75 of the worlds largest and most influential asset management companies from across Europe, the United States, Africa and the Asia Pacific are ranked according to an analysis of their performance on stewardship, transparency and governance.

Sustainability: The bond that endures - Tools and insights for ESG investing in fixed income

19 November 2019
BlackRock considers four key areas for environmental, social and governance (ESG) in fixed income: sustainable building blocks such as ESG indexes, a lens for considering the sustainability of government bond issuers, the financial relevance/materiality of ESG characteristics across different industries, and how to build sustainable portfolios using fixed income.


Fiduciary duty in the 21st century: Final report

This is the final report from a four-year, multi-stakeholder/multi-jurisdiction research and engagement exercise. It demonstrates that environmental, social and governance integration is a component of investors' fiduciary duty. In order to fulfill this duty, regulators and policymakers must better understand fiduciaries’ needs and establish policies that support this approach.