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Fiona Huynh

I am a determined university student interested in contributing to sustainable finance. My interests within sustainable finance include ecology, sustainable energy use, food production, and climate change topics.


I’m currently in my final year at the University of Technology Sydney, and I’m undertaking a Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance and Economics. I hope to contribute to promoting climate-conscious projects and investments in the Finance sector in the future as my career progresses. I am passionate about animals and have always had an interest in learning about them, so I’m especially interested in topics associated with ecology.

Fiona Huynh


Factory farming in Asia: Assessing investment risks

Asia's meat, dairy, and seafood industries are increasingly vulnerable to risks with the potential to damage returns. This report analyses twelve Asia-Pacific markets identifying five areas of risk including food safety and nutrition, public health, environment, animal welfare and labour standards. Each area of risk Includes key questions for investors.