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Krisma Maskey

Passionate about Equality, Sustainability, and Ethical Finance.


I am a Bachelor of Economics student at the University of Technology Sydney. I was raised in Nepal, and I currently reside in Sydney.

I have always been passionate about ethics, equality, and sustainability. While studying Economics, I have tried to incorporate these areas into my course through various elective subjects and sub-major choices.

As Altiorems’ Research Contributor, I strive to learn more about what the world is doing for sustainability, how finance can benefit from being sustainable, equal, and ethical, and what I can do to contribute to this fastly growing world of sustainable, ethical finance.

Krisma Maskey


Handbook for nature-related financial risks: key concepts and a framework for identification

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has created this handbook and a framework for the identification of nature-related financial risks. It builds on the Dasgupta Review of the economics of biodiversity, enabling financial institutions to begin embedding nature into mainstream financial models, risk frameworks, and portfolio strategies.

The drawdown review 2020: Climate solutions for a new decade

31 December 2020
This report analyses climate solutions that are proven, exist and will help reach drawdown. Drawdown is the point where greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are steadily declining, preventing further climate change. The climate solutions proposed are organised across three categories: reducing sources of emissions, supporting carbon sinks, and improving society.