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Lucy Lu

Currently a Master of Financial Analysis student at the University of New South Wales. Having previously studied Finance and Accounting at the University of New South Wales, I am really interested in the intersection of sustainability and finance and believe in its ability to better serve people and the planet.


Towards sustainable packaging materials: Examining the relative impact of materials in the natural source water and soft drinks value chain

This report examines the impact of packaging materials for natural source water and soft drinks. The materials examined include plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles and multi-material cartons. To reduce impact, findings highlight that businesses should increase circularity and levels of recycled material for all material types.

Time out: Why China's power companies should re-evaluate their coal capex plans

15 November 2016
This report examines the trend of Chinese power companies’ increasing capital expenditure into coal power in China, and presents evidence of how it can be a financial risk for investors. It also provides recommendations for investors to engage with company management and apply greater scrutiny to company investments in coal fired power.