About | Miranda Evans

Miranda Evans

I am in my final year at The University of Sydney, undertaking a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Social Policy. Ultimately, I intend to pursue a Masters Degree in International Development and engage in work that most directly promotes equal opportunity, social mobility and justice for all.


My interests lay in the field of International Development and have focused my academic coursework on poverty, inequality and social mobility. I am particularly interested in the role both government institutions (through public policy), and non-profit organisations play in expanding access and opportunity for disadvantaged populations. Additionally, I have a growing interest in impact investment, urban economic development and how the power of capital can be harnessed for social good.

The University of Sydney has granted me multiple scholarships to travel across the world and pursue further research in my fields of interest. The scholarships allowed me to conduct research and volunteer in Southern India and work in a non-profit in Washington D.C. with operating projects in over 20 countries.


Can government policies that drive strong economic outcomes for the private sector alleviate poverty?

The report examines how the adoption of policies that drive strong economic outcomes for the private sector often reduce poverty in the developing world, primarily through opportunities for job creation. In particular, the report calls for policies that promote greater access to credit and the protection of minority investors.