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Rory Sandison

I am an Economics with Environmental Studies student at the University of Edinburgh, a degree that allows me to combine my interest in economic theory with my passion for environmental protection.


I am eager to explore how finance can bring about positive change and provide solutions to our greatest problems. I am a great believer that we have many of the solutions to the immense challenges the world faces, we are just unwilling to finance these solutions. I want to help inform people and companies on how we can do this, so we can make the world a better place. I am hugely excited to be part of Altiorem and helping to inform investors on how best to approach ESG issues.

I am currently the Director of Marketing at Prosper Social Finance, the UK’s First Student-Led Socially Responsible Investment fund. I am passionate about using finance to deliver positive social change across the world. Away from my studies and work, I love spending time in the outdoors, running and skiing.


Rating the raters: Evaluating how ESG rating agencies integrate sustainability principles

11 February 2019
This report questions how environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, used by ESG rating agencies in their assessment processes, have evolved over a ten year period. Additionally, they analyse whether ESG rating agencies are contributing to fostering sustainable development through the inclusion of sustainability principles in their assessment frameworks.

The future of tobacco stocks: a scenario analysis

This report identifies drivers of change within the tobacco industry and the potential risk factors that may arise as a result. The report conducts a scenario analysis that maps out three potential outcomes for the industry and the relative impact on the share price of the world’s largest tobacco companies.