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Saurabh Trivedi

Saurabh is an experienced Climate Finance research professional. He is currently working as a Research Analyst at Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), Sydney. He is also enrolled as a PhD student in finance at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Saurabh’s PhD focus is in the area of quantifying climate risk into the pricing of financial assets. Prior to IEEFA, Saurabh has worked with Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), JP Morgan, MSCI and Alexandria REIT in India.


Saurabh has been a part of Climate Finance team of Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), India office where he used to focus on designing implementable and innovative financial instruments, innovative business models, policy analysis, and research in the area of Climate Finance with a focus on renewable energy and electric vehicle.

He was also a part of the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance – an innovative, analysis-based public-private partnership platform for designing implementation-ready financial solutions to mobilize private investment and leverage public investment into building green infrastructure in India. The India Lab was constituted of a group of high-level experts from government, financial institutions, academia and the industry. It was run and administered by Climate Policy Initiative.

Previously, he has worked with JP Morgan Chase and Alexandria Real Estate Equities (“ARE”‚Äč), a US based healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) where he gained significant exposure in Real Estate valuation (both for Indian and the USA real estate sector) and investment analysis, secondary research, real estate buy side project reports, investment advisory reports, presentations, and real estate funds’ budget analysis.

Saurabh Trivedi


Time for AIA to prove their climate credentials

IEEFA report highlights AIA's discrepancies on its climate change commitments as visible from the carbon footprint of its portfolio. AIA, one of the world's largest financial firms and one of Asia's largest insurers, is estimated to hold up to US$6 billion in coal and coal-fired investments despite commitment to three global climate accords.

Gas and liquefied natural gas price volatility to increase in 2021

Gas and liquefied natural gas prices are expected to experience greater volatility and higher spikes in 2021. This IEEFA research recommends consumers and businesses worldwide to consider reducing their consumption of gas energy as a means of cost-saving and look into cheaper, renewable sources of energy instead.

Tech giants' investments in renewable power purchase agreements lead the way: Saving money while the sun shines (and the wind blows)

Information and communication technology giants are leading the private sector in the uptake of power purchase agreements and direct renewable investment. There is a strong business case behind their investments, which also contributes to their overall carbon emissions reduction plan

Norden is leading the world on fossil fuel divestment

This briefing examines the world-leading divestment strategies of Nordic countries from the fossil fuel industry. It looks at the current policies of pension funds, insurers, banks, development finance institutions, credit agencies and central banks.


Over 100 global financial institutions are exiting coal, with more to come

This report published by IEEFA highlights the fact that over a hundred globally significant financial institutions are divesting from coal projects. It mentions that these major financial institutions, including commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset management companies, and development finance institutions, are building up the momentum against coal projects.