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Sophie Hansen

I have a learned practical and theoretical knowledge of the natural world that surrounds us as well as the structures that underpinn our societies. I have gained this through academic and volunteer opportunities and believe a well rounded, holistic approach is vital in tackling sustainable finance and climate related issues.


I have completed a Bachelor of Animal & Veterinary Biosciences majoring in Animal Science at La Trobe University. I am currently completing a Masters of Environment and Sustainability specialising in Envrionmental Security as well as International Development and Envrionment at Monash University.

I have a passion for the natural world around us. I am interested in the multifaceted ways in which the world operates and interacts and am keen to broaden my knowledge in order to enhance the approaches that are taken when addressing climate change and related issues.


Waste and opportunity 2020: Searching for Corporate Leadership - 50 corporations ranked on plastic packaging pollution

3 July 2020
The 2020 published report by As You Sow investigates 50 corporations and ranks them based on their performance in leadership and ambition relating to sustainable packaging of their products, while also taking into account their contributions and support to increase recycling rates and engage in producer responsibility efforts.

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is an agreement between Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that recognises the need to address climate change through adaptation and mitigation measures as a nationally and internationally collaborative effort. Parties agreed to keep global temperature rises to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.