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Tom Walker

I have a background in outdoor education and indulge in hobbies such as skiing and bushwalking. These both inform my desire to help organisations become as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible.


I have a master of environments and sustainability at Monash University. My focus with this course was on corporate sustainability, leadership in the area and environmental security. Subjects I have undertaken have focused on relevant sustainability-related opportunities and challenges, as well as how to influence positive change. Previously I have studied a bachelor of arts at the University of Melbourne, specialising in Asian studies, economics and politics.

I have worked extensively in the outdoor education sector, helping school students understand themselves, each other and the environment. I would like to bring elements of this framework into the wide world, helping organisations implement strategies that a good for them, other stakeholders and the planet. 

My favourite things to do outside of work include skiing, bushwalking, watching live music and having brunch with my friends. I have various plants I live with, paintings I look at and love riding my bike everywhere.


Taking the carbon out of credit: An integrated approach to removing climate emissions from lending

This report makes a complete case for banks and lending institutions to avoid further damaging of the climate. It provides both justification for why this is an important financial undertaking, and principles for how to go about and do it.

Responsible sourcing: The business case for protecting land and environmental defenders and indigenous communities' rights to land and resources

28 April 2020
This reports presents a business case for companies, particularly those with agricultural, timber and mineral supply chains, to take action on protecting and promoting rights of land and environmental defenders (LEDs). It also provides practical steps businesses can take to protect and promote these defenders’ rights.