1. Gender lens investing

    Expert Guide for: Financial advice, investment
    16 November 2023

    Gender lens investing (GLI) involves a range of investment approaches that seek to improve gender outcomes. GLI strategies promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, while also generating financial returns. This guide defines GLIs, explores the practical implementation of gender lens strategies with case studies and best practice, and highlights top ways to learn more.

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Introducing a comprehensive toolkit designed for #investors to respect #IndigenousRights.

▪️ How to integrating Indigenous rights into investment policies
▪️ Strategies for assessing & addressing impacts
▪️ Ensuring Free, Prior, and Informed Consent

A tool from @ndgain and @NotreDame that summarises a country's vulnerability to #climatechange and other global challenges in combination with its readiness to improve resilience. Find it here

Discover the risks financial institutions face from #landconversion and related #financialcrimes. Key Takeaways:

Convergence of land conversion & financial crimes
Importance of robust due diligence & risk assessment
Environmental Crimes Financial Toolkit

A case study about Pakistan's first gender bond supporting women's businesses to grow

Hear Maheen Rahman, who was instrumental in developing the gender bond, discuss the case study here

#GenderBond #GenderEquality #finance

Understand how to manage #biodiversityrisk. This table includes 5 actions over 3 horizons for investors to understand and manage biodiversity risk. It supports investors to respond to the #TNFD.

Find it here

#Biodiversity #ESG #sustainablefinance