1. Gender lens investing

    Expert Guide for: Financial advice, investment
    16 November 2023

    Gender lens investing (GLI) involves a range of investment approaches that seek to improve gender outcomes. GLI strategies promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, while also generating financial returns. This guide defines GLIs, explores the practical implementation of gender lens strategies with case studies and best practice, and highlights top ways to learn more.

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The chart by @WorldResources highlights some of the drivers, barriers and strategies to the successful implementation of sustainable investment. Available here

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This paper emphasises the urgent need to support women's health at work and beyond. It offers:
🌍 Steps for action
🌍 Key questions for corporate engagement
🌍 Resource summary.

Let's invest in women's health!

Find it here

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The two-way relationship of impacts and dependencies between business and biodiversity is demonstrated in this chart. Find it here

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Check out @ParallelleFin toolkit for designing & issuing gender bonds in Africa. It offers guidance for issuers & investors, emphasising transparency & reporting.

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Why engage in inclusive business? This chart describes the three main arguments for why engaging in #inclusivebusiness will benefit companies, including growth and value chain security, value creation and productivity, and risk management.
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