Our community is made up of passionate professionals within the finance industry and other relevant industries, including sustainability, who want to change finance for good.

Our community

Altiorem is a library, but it is also an ecosystem where university student volunteers (research associates), issues experts (mentors) and the community of users (members) benefit while building Altiorem together. Each member of the Altiorem community gives and receives while making a positive impact.

Research Associates
Extend their learning and applied research skills, work directly with experts, help create social impact, and increase their professional profile through bylines and research associate profiles on the site.

Provide the next generation of finance professionals with actionable knowledge to drive sustainability initiatives forward, create social impact though Expert Guide authorship, and increase their professional profile through bylines and mentor profiles on the site.

Become more effective advocates for sustainable finance bridging the gap between research and action with cutting-edge AI tools that ‘talk to’ research, and by suggesting and rating content they support the relevance and growth of the library over time.

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