Altiorem is the world’s first community built sustainable finance library.

About our library

What research is in the Altiorem library?

The Altiorem library is dedicated to curating research that is relevant, credible, and sought-after by our members, in line with our mission to support finance professionals in advocating for and implementing sustainable finance practices.


How do we decide what goes in the library?

  • Source quality: It should refrain from referencing Wikipedia and provide credible citations.
  • Accessibility: The research should be freely accessible without any paywall restrictions.
  • Author credibility: The authors should be reputable and recognised in their field.
  • Relevance: The research should directly contribute to understanding and implementing sustainable finance, benefiting members’ learning and practice in this area.


How is the research categorised?

Altiorem’s research is categorised according to our comprehensive taxonomy of sustainable finance topics, allowing our members to apply filters for precise searches.

  • Research categorised as Things to learn outline the benefits of sustainable finance and provides evidence/knowledge towards the importance of sustainable finance (quantitative data, interviews, case studies, surveys).
  • Research categorised as Actions to take include action steps, How To’s, best practice, or explicit ways to implement sustainability in finance.
  • ESG issues are broken down into Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

Our Things to learn and Actions to take taxonomy categories have been thoughtfully defined to ensure that all research in our library is accessible and actionable.

Find the research you’re looking for. Explore our library search filters.


Learn about the climate actions your company can take across all aspects of its business - social, political, and financial - to reduce emissions beyond its own operations and help secure a just #climate future for all. @ProjectDrawdown

🌍 Happy Earth Day! 🌿 Today, let's celebrate our planet and the role finance and investment play in protecting it.

We have an ESG library with a section dedicated to environmental issues for investors here

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This report provides a roadmap for directing more institutional capital toward climate infrastructure financing in emerging markets.

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