We profile the organisations who create the tools and resources featured in the Altiorem library. The profiles exist to share organisations that have relevance to sustainable finance.


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  1. 2° Investing Initiative (2DII)

    2° Investing Initiative (2DII)

    Finance / Corporate Focused NGOs & Think Tanks
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    2° Investing Initiative (2DII) is an independent, non-profit think tank working to align financial markets and regulations with international climate goals. It does this through research, devising tools and methodologies and collaborating with other stakeholders to progress finance towards low carbon emissions.
  2. Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

    Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

    Issue Focused NGOs & Think Tanks
    Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (AbCF) catalyses life-changing, community prosperity, through carbon farming. Their aim is to build wealth for Traditional Owners and non-Aboriginal carbon farmers, implementing carbon projects that demonstrate environmental, social and cultural core benefits, through the ethical trade of carbon credits.
  3. Access to Medicine Foundation

    Access to Medicine Foundation

    Issue Focused NGOs & Think Tanks
    Access to Medicine Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving global health by encouraging the pharmaceutical industry to prioritize and enhance access to medicine, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Their research and analysis focus on evaluating companies' efforts to address healthcare challenges, fostering transparency and accountability in the industry.
  4. Accounting for Sustainability (A4S)

    Accounting for Sustainability (A4S)

    Finance / Corporate Focused NGOs & Think Tanks
    Accounting for Sustainability aims to inspire action by finance leaders to drive a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy. It achieves this through conducting research, publishing reports, hosting events and providing a networking platform for the finance and accounting community.
  5. Alphinity Investment Management

    Alphinity Investment Management

    Finance Industry Groups
    Alphinity is an Australian-based investment management firm offering a range of funds that focus on delivering consistent returns. With a team of experienced investment professionals, Alphinity employs a disciplined investment approach to identify opportunities in Australian and global equity markets.
  6. Altiorem


    Finance / Corporate Focused NGOs & Think Tanks
    Altiorem is a not-for-profit library and resource centre that helps people understand the role finance must play in addressing sustainability challenges. Altiorem supports advocates for sustainable finance in making stronger arguments for change, implementing solutions with real impact and aims to educate the next generation of finance leaders on sustainability issues and their relevance to business and finance.
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