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Tech giants' investments in renewable power purchase agreements lead the way: Saving money while the sun shines (and the wind blows)

Information and communication technology giants are leading the private sector in the uptake of power purchase agreements and direct renewable investment. There is a strong business case behind their investments, which also contributes to their overall carbon emissions reduction plan

Tobacco: Reviewing the growing financial risks

30 November 2018
Addresses the performance declines in the tobacco industry and presents evidence of how it can be a financial risk for investors. It examines industry trends and outlooks in the context of varying future scenarios and provides recommendations to support future investment decisions.

Valuing ESG: Doing good or sounding good?

20 March 2020
This paper considers a framework for company valuation that incorporates social responsibility in order to evaluate whether or not ‘doing good’ creates value for environmental, social and governance (ESG) companies, and for investors. It considers factors such as growth, profitability, investment efficiency, and risk.

Modern slavery reporting - Guide for investors

This report aims to guide reporting entities and investors on the requirements of the Australian Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018. It informs and provides suggestions to companies and investors on how to identify, manage and reduce the risks and impacts of modern slavery.

Institutional investors and the behavioral barriers to taking action on climate change

28 October 2019
The report examines why leading climate investors are rapidly outpacing their peers despite having access to the same information. As part of the report, investment professionals and key stakeholders were surveyed and interviewed, revealing cognitive biases to be an important barrier to taking action on climate change.

The ambition loop: How business and government can advance policies that fast track zero-carbon economic growth

This report highlights how building on business leadership and strong national policy measures spur additional investment and action on businesses, accelerating the transition to a prosperous zero carbon economy. This requires an "ambition loop" - a positive feedback loop between business leadership and government policies.

ESG considerations in fixed income: Observation of 10 ESG integration trends

31 March 2020
This paper shares key ESG integration trends that Russell Investments has found in the fixed income market. It is based off observations derived from their 2019 Annual ESG Manager Survey and discussions with fixed income market practitioners looking at ESG considerations and implementations in their investment process.

Fiduciary duty in the 21st century: Final report

This is the final report from a four-year, multi-stakeholder/multi-jurisdiction research and engagement exercise. It demonstrates that environmental, social and governance integration is a component of investors' fiduciary duty. In order to fulfill this duty, regulators and policymakers must better understand fiduciaries’ needs and establish policies that support this approach.

How to invest in the low-carbon economy: An institutional investors' guide

This report introduces the investment strategies available to investors in their efforts to align their portfolios with a lower carbon, more climate-resilient economy. The guide focuses on three main areas for investor action: climate-aligned investment opportunities, integration of climate-related risks and opportunities into investment processes, and phasing out investment in thermal coal.


Altiorem's top 3 research on health

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3. https://t.co/efDjibfvdP

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This chart predicts the healthy life-years gained by investment in primary health care from the year 2020 to 2030. Demonstrating the importance of health investments in low-income and middle-income countries. https://t.co/nhua2uAZlN

#health #healthcare #invest #Altiorem #SDGs

In celebration of World health Day on 7th April this week Altiorem is focusing on #health and well-being. Investment in health means investing to achieve the highest attainable standard of health for all at all ages, within each country and across countries. @WHO #SDGs

In over 5 years working with ethical advisers no 2 approaches are the same. This program is NOT a cookie cutter approach to ethical advice. This program DOES provide the tools, resources and support for advisers to develop their own unique advice documents https://t.co/ym7eR1WJxk

Modern slavery is often hidden deep down in supply chains, which means the issues can be difficult for investee companies to detect.

Help end #ModernSlavery:

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