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The value of responsible investment

31 December 2014
The research explores the moral, financial and economic justification for responsible investment, and the academic evidence underpinning future action. It concentrates on how ESG factors materially impact investment risk and returns, clarifying the agency of investors over non-financial value creation.

Modern slavery reporting - Guide for investors

This report aims to guide reporting entities and investors on the requirements of the Australian Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018. It informs and provides suggestions to companies and investors on how to identify, manage and reduce the risks and impacts of modern slavery.

Long-term portfolio guide

This research focuses on providing a framework for institutional investors to improve long-term outcomes for their portfolios, their investee companies and for their stakeholders. This framework is comprised of five core action areas: investment beliefs, risk appetite statement, benchmarking process, evaluations and incentives, and investment mandates.

The SDG investment case

Companies and institutional investors are being asked to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their business activities, asset allocation and investment decisions. The SDG investment case tries to answer the question: Why are the SDGs relevant to institutional investors?

Investing in a time of climate change: The sequel 2019

30 April 2019
This report is intended to help investors understand how climate change can influence their investment performance in both the short and long term. The research uses scenarios from the Cambridge Econometrics transition-risk climate model, to consider three scenarios; 2⁰C, 3⁰C and 4⁰C temperature increases, with evolved pathways and magnitude.

The race of our lives revisited

31 August 2018
GMO's founder and long-term investment strategist, Jeremy Grantham, offers a wide-ranging analysis of interconnected environmental crises, explores solutions and makes recommendations for investors. The paper covers climate change, population growth, soil erosion and toxicity. It concludes by making the case for environmental investment strategies and fossil fuel divestment.

The COVID-19 Corporate Response Tracker: How America’s largest employers are treating stakeholders amid the coronavirus crisis

31 March 2020
The 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic and impending recession have created an opportunity for corporate leaders to put stakeholder capitalism into practice. JUST Capital has created a tracker to assess America’s largest employers’ response in supporting their workers, customers and communities. They have also developed principles to guide corporate America during the crisis.

We need a bigger boat: Sustainability in investment

31 August 2012
This report is designed to help asset owners and asset managers overcome their modern-day challenges as we stand on the cusp of a period of significant transformation in world economies, politics and capital markets. It explores practical solutions and processes to enable investors to become sustainable investors.

Sustainable signals: Individual investor interest driven by impact, conviction and choice

11 September 2019
The report highlights key findings from Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable Signals survey. It focuses on individual investor attitudes, adoption rates and barriers to sustainable investment’s position in mainstream strategies. It supports the case for asset managers and financial advisors to expand solutions and capabilities in order to keep pace with increasing investor demand.


Part 5 of #SDG industry matrices - #Transportation https://t.co/hcVsxlzeEo understand how the transport industry engages in sustainable action that benefits companies, society and environment.
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What is the state of play regarding technology to address ESG-related data challenges?

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Through investor case studies, learn how to implement effective strategies that address risks and negative #HumanRights impacts in investee companies and their #SupplyChains https://t.co/EetDPDUE3D

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Part 4 #SDG industry matrices: Industrial Manufacturing profiles opportunities, principles-based initiatives and collaborations for #industrial #manufacturing https://t.co/yZpY0vkfrh

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