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GOAL 03: Good Health and Well-being

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Measuring what matters: Australia's first well-being framework

20 July 2023
Measuring What Matters is Australia's first wellbeing framework, published in July 2023 by the Commonwealth of Australia. It seeks to deepen our understanding of how Australians are faring beyond traditional economic indicators. The framework includes 50 wellbeing indicators under the themes of healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive, and prosperous societies.

Investor toolkit on human rights

This toolkit provides practical guidance for institutional investors to assess and address human rights risks within investment activities. With tools, case studies and standard-setting activities, this Investor Toolkit encourages proactive management of human rights risks.

Corporate resilience and response to COVID-19

1 October 2020
This paper explores COVID-19's impact on corporate resilience and the effectiveness of corporate responses. Analysis of 2,000 companies shows that firms that invested in stakeholder relations performed better. The study reveals machine learning-linked big data provides new means to measure corporate responses and crisis management.

Assessing pharma companies’ response to COVID-19 and the threat of future pandemics

This report analyses pharmaceutical companies’ response during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, their performance in terms of registration and applying equitable access strategies for COVID-19 vaccines, voluntary licensing agreements and technology transfers, and forward-looking assessment of their preparedness for future epidemics and pandemics.

Innovation and resilience: A global snapshot of social enterprise responses to Covid-19

This report offers a global overview of social enterprise responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. It identifies innovation and agility as critical factors for survival. However, it notes that women-led and youth-led social enterprises face higher closure rates, greater reductions in activity, and more limited access to government support.

Tobacco free portfolios: The toolkit 12th edition

28 January 2020
This toolkit by Tobacco Free Portfolios offers a framework for finance professionals to invest in tobacco-free portfolios. The toolkit covers various areas including the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, prospective investment risks and case studies, with a call to action for the industry to follow.

Political leadership on climate change: The role of health in Obama-era U.S. climate policies

24 September 2020
The role of health in Obama-era U.S. climate policies was analysed using a qualitative research approach. Findings show that the consideration of human health-related evidence and arguments facilitated the introduction of comparatively ambitious mitigation policies. This report suggests the importance of political will in the pursuit of climate mitigation policies.

The third, systems stage of corporate governance: Why institutional investors need to move beyond modern portfolio theory

1 February 2018
The authors of this paper argue that institutional investors need to move beyond Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), and consider a wider risk management strategy. The paper outlines the potential failings of MPT and suggests ways for institutional investors to better align with the needs of society and the economy.

Are pharma companies addressing sexual and reproductive health access barriers for women and girls?

This report examines the role of pharmaceutical companies in addressing access barriers hindering women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) globally. It assesses their research on new SRHR medicines and products, pricing strategies, company capacity building efforts, and inclusive business models.

The great wake-up: Why and how investors must act on women's health - now

This paper highlights the critical need for investor action in support of women's health in the workplace and beyond. The report examines the current lack of attention to this topic in the financial sector and provides guidance for institutions to learn, set priorities, act and activate systems toward improving outcomes on women's health.
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