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FAST connection diagnostic and risk mapping

Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST)
The FAST Initiative's Risk Mapping tool aids finance professionals in identifying and mitigating risks related to forced labour and human trafficking in supply chains. It offers practical guidance and resources to enhance due diligence and promote responsible investment practices.
Online tool/database
13 June 2024

Modern slavery benchmarking tool

Walk Free
This tool helps businesses to evaluate their efforts in addressing modern slavery. It provides a comprehensive framework to assess risk, policies, and practices, facilitating improvement in combating modern slavery within supply chains and operations. This tool promotes transparency and accountability in corporate practices.
Online tool/database
13 June 2024

Climate TRACE

Climate TRACE is a comprehensive tool for tracking global greenhouse gas emissions. Utilising satellite data and AI, it provides real-time insights, helping finance professionals assess environmental impacts and make informed decisions. This tool supports ESG integration and sustainability in financial practices.
Online tool/database
11 June 2024

Global Slavery Index

Walk Free
The Global Slavery Index (GSI) by Walk Free provides comprehensive data on the prevalence of modern slavery in 160 countries, detailing how many people are affected, their vulnerabilities, and governmental responses.
Online tool/database
20 May 2024


Canopy Planet
ForestMapper is an interactive tool designed by Canopy to visually map ancient and endangered forests globally. It helps companies identify sustainable fibre sources and assess risks in their supply chains, featuring data layers on forests, species, carbon, and landscapes across various global regions.
Online tool/database
20 May 2024


Global Canopy
ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure) is a free, online tool that helps organisations explore their exposure to nature-related risk and take the first steps to understand their dependencies and impacts on nature.
Online tool/database
31 January 2024