Contributors are the heart and soul of Altiorem.

This group of generous volunteers complete the summaries of research and tools which are collected on Altiorem. Contributors benefit by extending their learning with applied research skills, being mentored by industry experts, and making a positive contribution to changing finance for good.

We are also incredibly grateful to our university partners at University of Technology Sydney, The University of New South Wales and Monash University.
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  1. Daniel Wang

    I am a recent graduate from Macquarie University majoring in Applied Finance with a minor in Economics. I’m particularly interested about ESG investing and creating resources for sustainability within the finance industry.


  2. Fergus Nelson

    I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Sustainability and Environment at UTS. I’m particularly interested in biodiversity, renewable energy and emerging sustainable technologies.

  3. Jordan Sinclair

    Jordan is a current Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) student at UNSW with a deep passion for sustainable investment and reporting. He will be completing a thesis as part of his honours year which examines the effect of shareholder activism on the ESG performance of Australian firms.

  4. Liam Formosa

    A current finance student with an interest in sustainable investing, capital allocation and risk management as well as the growing prominence of ESG in business strategy.

  5. Annie Zhang

    I am a penultimate-year student studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws at UTS.

  6. Chamath Perera

    I am an enthusiastic financial mathematics student with an interest in incorporating sustainable finance in the industry.

  7. Abhilasha Chinnaswamy

    Healthcare management graduate

  8. Rachel Halpern

    I am a financial services legal, risk and data professional with an interest in improving the data that financial insitutions use to assess ESG risk. I believe accurate and detailed ESG data is the first step towards transformational change towards carbon neutrality.

  9. John Bilsel

    Recent Graduate in Bachelor of Business (Honours in finance) from UTS, with a great interest in ESG integration and quantitative/systematic investment strategies. I will begin as an analyst at Innova Asset management in January.

  10. Fiona Huynh

    I am a determined university student interested in contributing to sustainable finance. My interests within sustainable finance include ecology, sustainable energy use, food production, and climate change topics.

  11. Rubin Qiu

    Equity Research Analyst at Bee Asset Management

  12. Ye Seul Kwon

    Currently studying a master of philosophy in mechanical engineering. I am interested in sustainable solutions and their potential to create a greener economy.

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