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Research associates collate and curate sustainable finance resources for Altiorem and benefit by extending their learning and applied research skills, working alongside industry experts, and making a positive contribution to changing finance for good.
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  1. Emmalene Wysocki

    I hold a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) from the University of Newcastle and have a keen interest in pro-environmental behaviour.

  2. Mariana Wheatley

    I’m interested in the intersection of social and environmental issues, particularly those that work towards a just transition to a future where people, nature and the economy flourish.

  3. Guru Shyaam Shankar

    I am currently studying a double degree, Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and a Bachelor of Applied Finance at Macquarie University. I’d like to utilise my knowledge to help promote sustainable acts around the world.

  4. Lauren Clark

    Completed a Master of Environment and Sustainability at Monash University end of 2023.

  5. Gemma Romiti

    I’m excited to contribute to a platform advocating for sustainable finance and to develop my writing and analytical skills as a research contributor whilst applying and developing my existing knowledge of sustainability.

  6. Rose Kilbourn

    I am currently studying MSc (Hons) Law and Finance at Queen Mary University London, building upon my first-class BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree. With a strong background in research and a deep passion for sustainable finance, I am currently focusing my studies on sustainable investments and financial derivatives in my master’s thesis.

  7. Wilfred Wu

    I am deeply passionate about finance and its intersection with sustainability. Volunteering for Altiorem, a leader in sustainable finance, aligns perfectly with my interests. I am excited to contribute to their mission and grow my knowledge in this vital, burgeoning field.

  8. Vanessa Papanikolaou

    Vanessa is a current Bachelor of Laws and Business student, majoring in Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. She is an advocate for sustainable finance and believes the financial sector holds immense power in bringing awareness to issues of sustainability.

  9. Harshine Ramalu

    I have been studying and living in Australia for some time but I hail from the vibrant nation of Malaysia. Currently, I am enthusiastically pursuing a Master of Finance at Macquarie University, driven by my passion for the world of finance.

  10. Pablo Berrutti

    I am a passionate and experienced financial services professional, committed to working with others to drive a real shift towards a sustainable, ethical and resilient financial system. I am also a husband, father of two children (and a dog!) and enjoy sport, cooking and brewing beer.

  11. Ma Gabriella Hirang

    I want to apply the knowledge I have obtained from working in finance and my background in economics to a greater purpose like understanding more about the environment and what we can do to protect it.

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