Contributors are the heart and soul of Altiorem.

This group of generous volunteers complete the summaries of research and tools which are collected on Altiorem. Contributors benefit by extending their learning with applied research skills, being mentored by industry experts, and making a positive contribution to changing finance for good.

We are also incredibly grateful to our university partners at University of Technology Sydney, The University of New South Wales and Monash University.
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  1. Tom Walker

    I have a background in outdoor education and indulge in hobbies such as skiing and bushwalking. These both inform my desire to help organisations become as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible. I am currently studying a master of environment and sustainability at Monash University.

  2. Diana El-Alam

    I am passionate about sustainable finance and the benefits it can provide for individuals, firms and society as a whole.

  3. Rory Sandison

    I am an Economics with Environmental Studies student at the University of Edinburgh, a degree that allows me to combine my interest in economic theory with my passion for environmental protection.

  4. Fergus Nelson

    I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Sustainability and Environment at UTS. I’m particularly interested in biodiversity, renewable energy and emerging sustainable technologies.

  5. Aoife McCarthy

    Aoife is a passionate ESG and climate risk advocate. After graduating with a double degree from the University of Technology, Sydney she moved to the Netherlands to pursue a career in corporate sustainability.

  6. Anthony Schilt

    Current Sustainable Finance Analyst at Gen Advisory and Volunteer Marketing Lead of PR & Comms at FinMango. I am a BSBA-Finance Candidate at the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, 2023. I am minoring in Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability Studies.

  7. Daniel Wang

    I am a recent graduate from Macquarie University majoring in Applied Finance with a minor in Economics. I’m particularly interested about ESG investing and creating resources for sustainability within the finance industry.


  8. Sara Fossum

    Sustainability Manager, Laerdal Medical

  9. Annie Zhang

    I am a penultimate-year student studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws at UTS.

  10. Miranda Evans

    I am in my final year at The University of Sydney, undertaking a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Social Policy. Ultimately, I intend to pursue a Masters Degree in International Development and engage in work that most directly promotes equal opportunity, social mobility and justice for all.

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