Contributors are the heart and soul of Altiorem.

This group of generous volunteers complete the summaries of research and tools which are collected on Altiorem. Contributors benefit by extending their learning with applied research skills, being mentored by industry experts, and making a positive contribution to changing finance for good.

We are also incredibly grateful to our university partners at University of Technology Sydney, The University of New South Wales and Monash University.
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Madhumita Mukherjee

I graduated with a Master of Finance from University of Technology Sydney. I love finance and hold interest in the financial analysis space.

Besides this, I enjoy reading books, sketching landscapes and watching Sherlock Holmes movies in my free time !!

Mariana Wheatley

I’m Altiorem’s business manager. My role encompasses marketing, fundraising, business and operations support and volunteer engagement. I’m interested in the intersection of social and environmental issues, particularly those that work towards a just transition to a future where people, nature and the economy flourish.

Pablo Berrutti

I am a passionate and experienced financial services professional, committed to working with others to drive a real shift towards a sustainable, ethical and resilient financial system. I am also a husband, father of two children (and a dog!) and enjoy sport, cooking and brewing beer.

Raramai Purazeni

I am currently in my second year at the University of Technology Sydney, studying a Bachelor of Accounting with majors in Accounting and Finance. I wish to understand how sustainability, social issues, and finance interact together and inevitably affect society.

Rory Sandison

I am an Economics with Environmental Studies student at the University of Edinburgh, a degree that allows me to combine my interest in economic theory with my passion for environmental protection. I am eager to explore how finance can bring about positive change and provide solutions to our greatest problems!

Rubin Qiu

Finance graduate

Serene Khalaf

A current Bachelor of Accounting Student studying at the University of Technology Sydney. My key passions include human rights and the role businesses play in global equity.

Sophie Hansen

I have a learned practical and theoretical knowledge of the natural world that surrounds us as well as the structures that underpinn our societies. I have gained this through academic and volunteer opportunities and believe a well rounded, holistic approach is vital in tackling sustainable finance and climate related issues.

Thomas Krieger

Currently in penultimate year of a Bachelor of Economics degree with a major in Finance, at the University of Technology Sydney. I hold interests in many aspects of the financial world, particularly investment portfolios, behavioural finance and risk management.

Vincent Wales

I am an investment research, content and communications professional, based in Sydney. I currently work at AMP Capital.

I have some experience in ESG and sustainability-aligned investing but am looking to develop this further.

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