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Sara Fossum

Master of Science in Sustainability student at the University of Sydney, and Sustainability Consultant in Laerdal Medicals.


Master of Science in Sustainability student at the University of Sydney. Graduate from Business Management with a specialism in Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Manchester. Experience in consultancy projects with Laerdal Medicals, AstraZeneca and Manchester City Council. Currently working as a Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Consultant for Laerdal Medicals.

Sara Fossum


Building back better with better jobs: Mainstreaming business models for decent work

22 October 2020
Recent years have seen declining job security and working conditions as a result of increased outsourcing and 'gig economy' business models. This report serves as a guide on how businesses can build back from the global pandemic and create decent jobs without compromising business competitiveness and profitability.

How to report on the SDGs: What good looks like and why it matters

Corporate action towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be fundamental to achieve necessary progress. This report aims to guide corporations on how and why to report on the SDGs and gives an overview of current progress based on the top 250 global companies.