Our community of mentors are either finance industry or sustainability issue experts, or have been promoted after being high quality contributors. These generous souls mentor Altiorem's contributors through to the publication of their work. They are a critical part of ensuring that the quality and reliability of Altiorem remains high. We are incredibly grateful for their work.
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  1. Georgina Murray

    Currently the Sustainability Analyst at Ethical Partners Funds Management. Prior to Ethical Partners, I was the Marketing Manager at UNICEF Australia for 7 years.

  2. Alexandra Brown

    Alexandra Brown is the Founder of Ethical Invest Group (previously Invest with Ethics), a business that supports financial advisers to meet the needs of their values-driven clients. Alexandra provides ESG, ethical investing and advice solutions including consulting, education, and training.

  3. Madeline Combe

    After completing a Masters of Sustainability in 2019 at Sydney University, I began working in corporate sustainability at the Sydney Opera House before transitioning into the finance sector where I took up a position with Refinitiv, an ESG data provider, in a market development and ESG engagement function. Currently, I work in community engagement/business development for a social impact start up in the disability sector.

  4. Lea Lewin

    Lea is a qualified and practised leader across the legal, energy management and sustainability sectors.  She is currently focused on driving ambitious policy change that will enable Australia  to prosper in a low-carbon economy.

  5. Fiona Donnelly

    Based in Hong Kong since ’95, Fiona is a CA who moved into commercial roles and consulting with increasing sector focus in sustainability since 2007  Hardwiring as CA has drawn Fiona to contribute to the finance/investment side of sustainability.

  6. Pablo Berrutti

    I am a passionate and experienced financial services professional, committed to working with others to drive a real shift towards a sustainable, ethical and resilient financial system. I am also a husband, father of two children (and a dog!) and enjoy sport, cooking and brewing beer.

  7. Paul Millar

    Australian lawyer with a background in international human rights, interested in how investors can consider human rights based on international law and, for which,  I devised a model in a PhD.

  8. Mariana Wheatley

    I’m interested in the intersection of social and environmental issues, particularly those that work towards a just transition to a future where people, nature and the economy flourish.

  9. Michael Corcoran

    A firm believer in life long learning, I aim to use my experience in the financial services sector, along with my ongoing studies, to contribute to society. I have a great interest in ESG principles, responsible investing (particularly impact investing) and social issues – especially anything addressing social or financial inequality. I’m also a keen scholar of most sports, and still manage to partake (slowly) in touch footy, swimming, cycling, tennis and yoga.

  10. Sanaya Khisty

    Sanaya is an experienced policy advisor and project manager, who has worked across multiple policy areas in politics and consulting.

  11. Josh Kahn

    Josh graduated Monash University with a double-degree of Commerce and Global Studies, majoring in Sustainability and International Studies respectively. He has since gone to work in Amsterdam with GRI, privately consult two-ASX 200 companies in sustainability reporting and circular economy strategy, and is now working as a management consultant in sustainability and social-licence advisory with Futureye.

  12. Heather Moore

    Heather is a specialist in anti-slavery and trafficking, with experience in the fields of program management, capacity building, policy and research. Her current work focuses on supporting organisations to re-imagine current approaches to labour-force engagement, placing human rights and decent work at the forefront of business planning.

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