1. Report: How can businesses thrive in a sustainable economy?

    22 February 2023

    This paper highlights the limitations and misalignment of current business models with the objectives of a sustainable economy as defined by the Doughnut Economics model. Drawing from case studies, the report investigates how business models need to change to fit into a sustainable economy, and presents a new framework for companies and investors to assess an organisation’s alignment with a sustainable economy.

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Power-mapping can help you identify targets and focus your strategy. Map out your potential targets, institutions and individuals who influence your target so you can understand how to #impact them. Learn about #climate solutions at work here

Australia's climate minister Chris Bowen says that replacing coal-fired power stations with #nuclear would cost $387 billion. Read more ? We looked into whether Australia needs nuclear to reach net-zero by 2050

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A universal healthy diet addresses the need to feed a growing global population while minimising damage to our planet.
Learn about the alternative proteins market in #Asia

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What does ambition look like for sustainable banking today? Answers to this question and more will be explored at @ClimateLending @TheFinanceLab upcoming report launch 'Shifting the financial system: accelerating sustainable finance at banks.'