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Study on sustainability - related ratings, data and research

26 August 2021
This study on sustainability-related ratings, data and research seeks to explore the sustainability data landscape and the issues related to the assessment and evaluation of sustainability performance. It examines various sustainability-related rating systems, methodologies, and data providers, with insights from asset managers, asset owners, and benchmark administrators.

Credit repair for survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking

Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) conducted a roundtable discussion with survivors, survivor support organizations, and financial institutions to address credit repair. Survivors' recommendations include implementing a manual review of onboarding processes, dismissing survivors' adverse credit, and developing a survivor-led approach to manage finances.

Sustainable corporate governance and non-financial disclosure in Europe: Does the gender diversity matter?

28 June 2021
This study explores the link between boardroom gender diversity and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosure in European listed firms. The results show that having women directors improves ESG practices, potentially enhancing sustainable value creation for firms. The study recommends policy actions promoting gender equality in decision-making roles to further enhance corporate transparency and accountability.

Adaptation, loss and damage: A global climate impact fund for climate justice

This report delves into climate justice amid anthropogenic climate change, advocating for a pilot Global Climate Impact Fund (GCIF). The fund aims to distribute the financial responsibility for the climate change transition based on attribution and contribution studies, employing standardised criteria. The report emphasises prioritising long-term resilience and sustainable development pathways.
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