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Annie Zhang

I am a penultimate-year student studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws at UTS.


I hope to use my research and writing skills to make a positive contribution towards sustainable finance by helping make content more accessible.


SDG bonds and corporate finance: A roadmap to mainstream investments

This report describes how a market for mainstream investments that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), could be created with enough liquidity, scale, and diversification, to attract a range of investors. It inspires and guides companies, governments, and cities, to benefit from better funding while implementing the Paris Goals.

A status report on financial institutions’ experiences from working with green, non green and brown financial assets and a potential risk differential

This 2020 report presents the results from a survey that assesses whether a risk differential can be detected between green, non-green and brown financial assets (loans and bonds). Based on information obtained by 49 banks, it presents a snapshot of current practices among financial institutions in their asset allocation.

ESG 2.0: Measuring and managing investor risks beyond the enterprise-level

This paper discusses how current institutional investing practices and asset allocation strategies conflict with ESG objectives. It encourages institutional investors to review their systematic risk-management practices and recommends the diversification of asset allocation to more regenerative investment structures and asset classes.

Winning climate strategies: Practical solutions and building blocks for asset owners from beginner to best practice

30 June 2018
Based on interviews with 22 leading asset owners, this 2018 report explores the best-practices landscape for managing climate risks and opportunities. The report identifies barriers faced by industry leaders and presents a framework of ten building blocks for other asset owners developing and introducing climate strategies.

An industry infected: Animal agriculture in a post-COVID world

In light of COVID-19, this report explores the growing concerns that the animal protein industry is vulnerable to fostering diseases, supply-chain bottlenecks, and food safety issues. FAIRR promotes the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, a tool for investors to analyse how companies address animal welfare, and worker and food safety.