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Genevieve Santos

Genevieve is an independent researcher, writer and financial services professional absorbed in the convergence of finance, sustainability and social impact.


Genevieve is an independent researcher, writer and financial services professional. Her experience spans a decade in the wealth management space across funds management and investment research companies.

A postgraduate student at the University of New South Wales, she is currently in pursuit of the Global Sustainability and Social Impact specialisation to consolidate with her Finance specialisation within the Master of Commerce.

Current areas of focus —

• Philanthropy
• Impact Investing
• Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
• Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
• Corporate Responsibility versus Shared Value

Her curiosities often steered experiential learning — from Nepal to Morocco to Panama and plenty in between. Experiences which left impressions that further cemented her interests in effecting change towards a more equitable and sustainably developed world by way of education, financial and social impact.

Outside of sustainable finance—occasional forays into creative writing, reads loads, or likely at the beach.

Genevieve Santos


Sustainable signals: Individual investor interest driven by impact, conviction and choice

11 September 2019
The report highlights key findings from Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable Signals survey. It focuses on individual investor attitudes, adoption rates and barriers to sustainable investment’s position in mainstream strategies. It supports the case for asset managers and financial advisors to expand solutions and capabilities in order to keep pace with increasing investor demand.