About | Mentor | Rachel Halpern

Rachel Halpern

I am a financial services legal, risk and data professional with an interest in improving the data that financial insitutions use to assess ESG risk. I believe accurate and detailed ESG data is the first step towards transformational change towards carbon neutrality.


I have spent the past year at Westpac driving strategic thinking at a senior management level about the creation of non-financial risk and ESG risk metrics for transparent reporting to the Board and the public. Specifically, I initiated a new project to create clearer reporting metrics with automated data flows for ESG risks to allow for more accountable internal decision making and external reporting. I am proud of this achievement and would like to see similiar initiatives at other banks. My hope is that if enough banks focus on improving their ESG data, conversations about industry-wide transparent and consistent ESG data standards will occur.


Climate Intrapreneurs: Insights from the front lines of bank climate action

This is a synthesis of the key themes from the 2020 Climate Safe Learning Lab convening which the Lab hosted with the Climate Safe Lending Network. It shares insights into what is really going on inside banks when it comes to their speed of climate action.