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Christopher Wiley

Current student at Monash University in Melbourne, studying a Bachelor of Science with a major and minor in mathematics and marketing science respectively. I am passionate about all things business, and hope to use my extensive maths knowledge to contribute to ethical processes in finance.

Christopher Wiley


An investor briefing on the apparel industry: Moving the needle on responsible labour practices

This report highlights why responsible labour practices in the apparel industry matter for investors. Drawing on investor case studies, the report explains how to implement effective strategies that address risks and negative human rights impacts in investee companies and their supply chains.

Guiding principles on business and human rights: Implementing the United Nations protect, respect and remedy framework

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights is a report that implements the United Nations ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ framework, regarding the obligations of states and responsibilities of business to ensure that human rights are protected and respected throughout all business operations and ultimately remedied when breached.

Poverty Footprint

25 September 2015
The Poverty Footprint is a tool that enables companies and partners to implement a people-centred assessment of corporate impacts on poverty. The report is used to better understand the impacts of operations and value chain on people and poverty, and to turn this learning into action.

SDG Industry Matrix: Energy, natural resources and chemicals

The Industry Matrix aims to inspire and inform the private sector, driving it towards inclusiveness and sustainable prosperity by identifying opportunities for greater social and environmental change. This Matrix applies to industries involved in energy, natural resources and chemicals, outlining ways that companies can create value for shareholders as well as society.