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Dechen Dolker


I am deeply motivated by the environmental and social impacts of economic activities; largely because I come from a part of the world where eco-systems are precariously tipping under the weight of such impacts.

After various marketing and business-operations stints at consumer companies in India, I am currently pursing a Masters in Environment & Sustainability from Monash University. I am interested in leveraging wide-scale business transformations which to me, are the need of the hour. Importantly, how do we do this while ensuring the well-being of millions?

Mentoring at Altiorem is a part of what I believe is critical to answering such questions, i.e. building accessible knowledge for business leaders who want to lead the transformation.


Dechen Dolker


Bankrolling plastics: The banks that fund plastic packaging pollution

5 January 2021
Banks continue to finance the global plastics chain, despite the significant risks of lender liability from the impacts of plastic waste. This report highlights the lack of development of any due diligence systems, contingent loan criteria, or financing exclusions at the banks when it comes to the plastic packaging industry.