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Hugh Dawkins

A recent graduate from UNSW (B Economics/B Arts) majoring in financial economics and Mandarin. Passionate about sustainable finance, responsible investing and economic development.


I am curious and engaged about the intersection of economic data and social sciences to drive meaningful change. As a recent graduate from UNSW (B Economics / B Arts), my studies focused on financial econometrics, behavioural theory, and Mandarin. Excited to apply these skills and contribute to Altiorems mission!

Experience working at JP Morgan Chase as a summer analyst and currently working as a Strategy Consultant for a startup consultancy. Driven to engage in Australia-China relations through ongoing mandarin language studies and experiences living abroad in China.


Sustainable investment survey 2020

31 December 2020
PitchBook conducted a survey of 650 investors and advisors from around the world on the state of sustainable investing in 2020. The report highlights the need for better practices to measure and define goals as well as discrepancies between individual goals when engaging in sustainable investing.