Join the community of volunteers who are changing finance for good.

Altiorem Ltd is pleased to offer you the opportunity to volunteer with us and help build the Altiorem library and resource centre.

There are three types of volunteers in our community:

  1. Contributors: who summarise research and draft the content within the library;
  2. Mentors: with expertise in sustainability issues or finance who mentor contributors through to publication; and
  3. Other skilled people that provide support in the business strategy or operations of Altiorem.

All volunteers have the flexibility of working online at a time that suits your needs.

Complete the volunteer agreement and work from home checklist below to start volunteering today.

Without your help, Altiorem would not be possible. Thank you.

Altiorem Ltd is an Australian registered charity and not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

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We collect gender information because we are committed to improving the diversity of the finance industry. We have a target of >50% female and non-binary contributors and mentors for Altiorem. We only use this information in aggregate to track our progress.

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Altiorem’s Volunteer Agreement

The volunteer agreement outlines the Terms and Conditions for volunteering with Altiorem, including what you can expect from Altiorem and what Altiorem expects from you. It is important you understand your rights and responsibilities before volunteering.

Being safe while working remotely

Volunteering with Altiorem means working from home or other remote location. Altiorem is 100% committed to your safety while you do so. Please read and agree to abide by Altiorem’s Working Remotely Policy and complete the check list below.

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