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Intern Profile: Harshine Ramalu

29 November 2023

Altiorem partners with universities to host passionate student interns interested in expanding their skills in sustainable finance. In this post, we are profiling one our interns, Harshine Ramalu, who is studying a Master of Finance at Macquarie University.


Tell us a bit about yourself?  


I am Harshine Ramalu, hailing from the vibrant nation of Malaysia.

I am enthusiastically pursuing a Master of Finance at Macquarie University, driven by my passion for the world of finance.

My academic journey has been enriched by my prior attainment of a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from Taylor’s University, where I was honoured with a Dual-Award Degree in collaboration with the esteemed University of the West of England.

What attracted you to Altiorem

One of the reasons I am particularly drawn to interning at Altiorem is the valuable learning experience it offers.

I am excited about the chance to gain a solid understanding of critical sustainability issues and their relevance to business and finance.

I aspire to make a tangible impact in the financial sector by promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change.

This internship is a steppingstone towards achieving those goals and furthering my understanding of sustainable finance. 

How have you found the experience? How was it relevant to your studies? 


The collaborative nature of Altiorem’s ecosystem is something that greatly appeals to me.

I find these studies very important not only for my education but also would allow me to contribute to positive change, gain valuable skills and knowledge, collaborate with industry experts, and support the advancement of sustainable finance practices.

I am doing a unit which relates towards the sustainable finance. It helped me by providing me with better insights.  


What is the most interesting piece of research you have come across?  


The most interesting piece of research I’ve come across is by the United Nations’ High-Level Expert Group on Net Zero Emissions Commitments of non-state entities. This research emphasises the critical issue of greenwashing in the context of Net Zero commitments and provides a collaborative solution to accelerate global efforts toward sustainability.

It’s fascinating because it addresses a real-world challenge while offering a pragmatic and actionable strategy for combating it.

Apart from that, I have contributed to a project about current events of climate change and warming temperature. It highlights that current emission levels are far from aligning with its targets. Hence, urgent global action should be taken to limit temperature rise and enhance adaptation measures.


What would you say to other people thinking about contributing to Altiorem 


Interning at Altiorem presents a unique opportunity for professional development.

Being part of an organisation that is actively shaping the future of sustainable finance is a tremendous opportunity. 

Interested in interning?