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Building capacity for the Paris Agreement's Enhanced Transparency Framework: What can we learn from countries' experiences and UNFCCC processes?

This report outlines the necessity of capacity building to enhance transparency in the Paris Agreement. The report uses 13 case studies to highlight challenges in implementing transparency requirements and six lessons for effective capacity building. International initiatives and support programs are discussed to inform the construction of transparent and sustainable climate governance.

Global microscope 2020: The role of financial inclusion in the COVID-19 response

This report is a study of the enabling environment for financial inclusion in 55 low to middle income countries. It focuses on the role of financial inclusion in terms of how governments in those countries responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worldwide investments in cluster munitions: A shared responsibility

3 December 2018
A 2018 report on worldwide investments in harmful cluster munitions. Two arms manufacturers recently ended production of cluster munitions, and more financial institutions and states are acting to end money going to producers. Despite declining investment from financial institutions, there are seven companies in the report still manufacturing.
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