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Ashleigh Steeles

I am passionate about ethically and socially responsible investing and the potential to make changes through financial advice that can improve our personal circumstances and also the world in which we live.


I work in financial advice as a paraplanner. I have a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Financial Planning) and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in History) through the University of Wollongong, graduating with Distinction in both disciplines. I particularly enjoy research and learning for learning’s sake and applying what I know in creative ways. I enjoy finding ways to align our investment strategies with our personal ethics.

Ashleigh Steeles


Valuing ESG: Doing good or sounding good?

20 March 2020
This paper considers a framework for company valuation that incorporates social responsibility in order to evaluate whether or not ‘doing good’ creates value for environmental, social and governance (ESG) companies, and for investors. It considers factors such as growth, profitability, investment efficiency, and risk.