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Bradley Dollin

I am passionate about the economic world and wish to contribute as well as make a difference in the societal issues that we face.


I am currently studying my bachelor of economics at Macquarie University which is near completion, my time here has developed my skills and curiosity in research with in the financial sector and its implications on macro and microeconomic levels. I enjoy researching investment decisions and its implications on the environment, society and economy.

Bradley Dollin


Final report: Independent assessment of social and economic conditions in the Murray–Darling Basin

30 April 2020
Commonly known as the 'Sefton report', it provides recommendations to the Australian government on the social and economic conditions of the Murray Darling Basin. The report provides an independent assessment in regional and rural communities while highlighting the positive and negative effects of water reform.

Governing the commons: The evolution of institutions for collective action

31 December 1990
Elinor Ostrom examines the management of common-pool resources such as rivers, bridges and grazing areas. Ostrom discusses the ‘tragedy of the commons’ and environmental, economic and social threats to common-pool resources. Ostrom applies political and economic theory and policy literature to discuss potential solutions and challenge conventional approaches.