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Cameron Fusco

Current student at the University of Technology, Sydney and has an interest in finance and accounting issues. Also holds the current position of Team Manager at Woolworths Supermarkets.

Cameron Fusco


SDG Compass: The guide for business action on the SDGs

This guide provides the tools, knowledge and expertise to assist businesses to formulate a strategy that puts sustainability at the core of its approach. Presenting five steps that direct businesses on how to align strategies and how to quantify and oversee commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Analysis of ethics and investor behaviour and its impact on financial satisfaction of capital market investors

31 January 2018
This research, through hypothesis testing, examines the impact of investors' ethical awareness and understanding on investor behaviour in capital markets and its link to increased financial satisfaction through that behaviour. As such, the reports challenges neo-classical economic theory by suggesting investors look beyond risk and return and develop investment portfolios in line with their ethics.

Modern slavery reporting - Guide for investors

This report aims to guide reporting entities and investors on the requirements of the Australian Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018. It informs and provides suggestions to companies and investors on how to identify, manage and reduce the risks and impacts of modern slavery.

Global standards miss the nuance in local child labour

13 May 2015
Research conducted by Young Lives on improving the current issue of child labour provided from a view that differs from the conventional approach: improving working conditions is more constructive than merely banning child labour altogether, as doing so would miss the social and economic nuances such as relationship ties, supporting families and gaining skills.