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Dean Linn

Currently in my final year at Monash University (Melbourne), studying a double degree Bachelor of Commerce and Science majoring in Accounting and Microbiology. I have an interest in the role finance plays in making the world more sustainable.

Dean Linn


Norden is leading the world on fossil fuel divestment

This briefing examines the world-leading divestment strategies of Nordic countries from the fossil fuel industry. It looks at the current policies of pension funds, insurers, banks, development finance institutions, credit agencies and central banks.

Banking beyond coal: Sustainable development without coal finance

30 June 2018
This investor briefing investigates the financing of the coal power industry. Highlighting that bank financing continues to facilitate active development of coal power infrastructure, particularly in developing nations, which is incompatible with the Paris Agreement. Additionally, it provides a call to action for investors to engage with their banks to strengthen coal divestment policies.

Examining inequality 2019

The report looks at different layers of inequality highlighting the role geography and gender have on factors that increase the chance of poverty. It includes case studies examining inequality, primary health care, digital technology, how countries are being impacted by climate change, and recent global data hindering the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.