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Gas and liquefied natural gas price volatility to increase in 2021

Gas and liquefied natural gas prices are expected to experience greater volatility and higher spikes in 2021. This IEEFA research recommends consumers and businesses worldwide to consider reducing their consumption of gas energy as a means of cost-saving and look into cheaper, renewable sources of energy instead.

Voting matters: Are asset managers using their proxy votes for climate action?

4 November 2019
Climate change is one of the most important concerns facing investors and they can play a key role in mitigation efforts by using their proxy voting rights. This research assessed how the largest asset managers around the world voted on shareholder resolutions to climate change.

Global investor study: The rise of the sustainable investor

31 October 2020
The report highlights key findings from Schroder’s Global Investor Study. It provides an insight into global investor attitudes towards sustainable investing and the obstacles preventing widespread adoption of sustainable investing. The report emphasises the notion that sustainable investing is gaining momentum around the world.