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Lea Lewin

Lea is a qualified and practised leader across the legal, energy management and sustainability sectors.  She is currently focused on driving ambitious policy change that will enable Australia  to prosper in a low-carbon economy.


Lea Lewin has been committed professionally to sustainability for over 15 years working across public and private sectors in both commercial and not for profit companies.  Currently she is a Senior Policy Advisor at independent think-tank Beyond Zero EmissionsShe has significant experience advising government at all levels, corporate and investor groups with a focus on accelerating climate action.   Lea’s background includes managing and growing some of Australia’s largest commercial solar portfolios, designing and leading high impact energy savings programs and is actively engaged in driving policy change for a healthier and more resilient housing stock.

Lea also runs her own sustainability practice Treecreds, working with businesses to reduce their environmental footprint through assessing, rethinking and supporting forestry-based carbon projects.  

She is also a registered lawyer specialising in intellectual property matters, sits on the Board of Renew sustainable living and is very passionate about mentoring climate champions. 


Diversity wins: How inclusion matters

19 May 2020
This report highlights that the business case for gender and ethnic diversity in executive teams is stronger than ever, having been deepened by the COVID-19 crisis. Emphasis on diverse representation within organisations is no longer sufficient; employees must feel and perceive equality and fairness of opportunity in their workplace.


Beyond compliance: Effective reporting under the Modern Slavery Act

28 February 2016
This report provides practical guidance from non-governmental organisations with expertise in modern slavery for commercial organisations reporting under the UK Modern Slavery Act. It provides a business case for business action on modern slavery in supply chains that goes beyond minimum compliance to achieving positive change on slavery and forced labour.