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Visakhan Vythilingam

I am a Consultant at KPMG Australia within the Climate Change and Sustainability Division, and I strive for a career with purpose and impact.


I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Applied Finance at Macquarie University. My aim is to have a career where I can optimise social impact- specifically in the sustainability and climate change space. Currently, I also enjoy researching ESG issues, climate policy and ethical investments. I joined Altiorem to foster my interest in this space, create impactful insights and meet with like-minded and passionate people. I have co-founded Greenfluence, a podcast and community aiming to empower young professionals and people in the climate change, sustainability and responsible investing spaces.


Getting physical: scenario analysis for assessing climate-related risks

1 April 2019
There has been a gap between understanding climate change and the implications it has for finance and the broader economy. This paper provides insight into scenario analysis - using data and climate science to provide more transparency on their financial risks in the medium and long term.

Financing sustainability: Asia Pacific embraces the ESG challenge

Explores the drivers of sustainable finance growth in Asia Pacific and the factors constraining it. The analysis was determined through parallel surveys - one of investors and one of issuers. The research found that the biggest constraint for sustainable finance was a lack of bankable sustainable projects.

Directors' liability and climate risk: Comparative paper - Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom

The report provides a high-level legal analysis of directors' duties that relate to climate risk in four major Commonwealth countries: Australia, Canada, South Africa and United Kingdom. It captures the evolving priorities of organisations and their need to provide greater transparency on climate risks.