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Do investors care about impact?

13 January 2021
Investors care about sustainable investments, but not enough to pay substantially more for more impact. A framed field experiment revealed investors’ preference was an emotional rather than a calculative valuation of impact. This preference is driving the market, as managers provide little quantitative evidence of sustainability impact, according to the report.

The implications of behavioural science for effective climate policy

This report explores the implications of behavioural science for effective climate policy and focuses on eight main sectors, such as diet change, adaptation and aviation, with recommendations for further empirical research. The report underscores the importance of understanding human behaviour and how insights can be used in climate policy development for effective implementation.

Safety by design: Investment checklist

18 January 2021
This investment checklist is a concise guidance document, aimed at investors and venture capitalists considering whether to invest in tech companies. The checklist presents a 12-point criteria touching on design and provision of services, community guidance, safety reviews, user tools, and proactive steps to inform users about safety policies.

Investors' expectations on responsible artificial intelligence and data governance

25 April 2019
This report outlines responsible AI and data governance principles and engagement framework for investors across multiple sectors. The six core principles aim to enhance machine learning, auditability, explainability, and transparency, while taking into account legal, regulatory, ethical, and reputational risks.

Digital safety risk assessment in action: A framework and bank of case studies

23 May 2023
This report contains a framework and case studies for digital safety risk assessment. The case studies cover topics such as trust and safety best practices, human rights due diligence, and child safety in gaming and immersive worlds.

Earth system justice needed to identify and live within Earth system boundaries

19 June 2023
This article considers how to integrate principles of justice within Earth’s system boundaries, specifically for climate, the biosphere, water and nutrient cycles, and aerosols. Using the Earth system justice approach, it discusses living within planetary limits whilst minimising significant harm to all people and ensuring equitable access to resources.

Growth without economic growth

Economic growth is closely correlated to environmental depletion and resource use. This report explores the need to decouple economic growth and resource consumption to achieve the sustainability goals and the European Green Deal. It introduces alternative views to economic growth including circular economics, green growth and doughnut economics.

Healthy competition: Why the safest bet for investors is healthier retail markets and how to get there

11 March 2020
This second briefing report explores ShareAction’s Healthy Markets campaign, featuring the UK food retailers most exposed to the childhood obesity agenda. The brief is designed to inform and support investor stewardship and company engagement through an analysis of their disclosure policies and practices for healthy eating.

Sustainability, well-being, and economic growth

30 September 2012
Substantial reductions in economic growth for environmental and social sustainability may be unnecessary. Policies and market signals are required to conserve natural resources, equally distribute wealth and mitigate the impacts of climate change. It is argued that environmental and social goals are of greater importance in meeting the needs of society than economic development.
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