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The Authenticity Advantage

11 December 2023
This benchmark report highlights the link between authentic sustainability and improved business outcomes in Australian organisations. The report introduces the Authenticity Index™, measuring commitments, culture, and communication, demonstrating that high-scoring businesses experience better talent acquisition, productivity, retention, innovation, resilience, and profitability.

Do high-ability managers choose ESG projects that create shareholder value? Evidence from employee opinions

24 June 2020
Are ESG projects compatible with shareholder value? Managers face a challenge when they decide which ESG projects to select with limited clarity on allowed investments. The paper uses MSCI ESG ratings and Glassdoor employee ratings to demonstrate that high-calibre managers put their resources towards ESG projects and thereby enhance shareholder value.

Corporate resilience and response to COVID-19

1 October 2020
This paper explores COVID-19's impact on corporate resilience and the effectiveness of corporate responses. Analysis of 2,000 companies shows that firms that invested in stakeholder relations performed better. The study reveals machine learning-linked big data provides new means to measure corporate responses and crisis management.

Inside out inclusion: How to make better decisions and create an amazing team culture by valuing and including different viewpoints, styles and people

23 January 2020
This report presents an inside-out inclusion model for improving team culture and decision-making. It covers how to improve self-awareness, value people, work together, make decisions, and adapt and grow. The model is backed by frameworks, tools, and reflection exercises.

The good transition plan: Climate action strategy development guidance for banks and lending institutions: COP26-version

This guide is designed for banks and lending institutions to assist in the creation of a climate action strategy. The report analyses the challenges and solutions to financing transitions towards a climate-safe world, outlining a comprehensive seven-element framework, key tools for measuring alignment with Paris Goals, and numerous sector guidelines.

Shopping for a bargain: How the purchasing practices of clothing brands in Australia impact the women who make our clothes

25 November 2020
This report examines the purchasing practices of clothing brands operating in Australia and highlights the impact on women workers in the countries where clothing is made. It calls on brands to publish a plan and commitment to ensuring a living wage for workers throughout their supply chains.

Impact at work: An examination of corporate impact investing strategies and their durability

The report examines the durability of corporate impact investing strategies in advancing positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes while remaining financially sound. It explores impact themes, capital sources and risk-return strategies of corporates. The report concludes with recommendations to build and maintain impact investing programs over the long term.

Australian Social Impact Investing Taskforce: A Commonwealth strategy to build a mature and self-sustaining social impact investing market that improves the lives of vulnerable Australians

17 November 2020
The report details a strategy to support early-stage social enterprises and foster growth in social impact investment (SII) opportunities. The report explores four action areas for government and stakeholders to accelerate SII growth and improve social impact measurement.

Diversity in action: How to sustain the financial planning profession

This paper contains case studies from select firms, outlining their actions towards diversifying their workforce and delivering scalable insights for replicating their successes. A key resource for increasing diversity and inclusion in the financial planning profession.

Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) recommendations

The Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations features guidelines for corporate reporting to promote best practices and encourage corporate accountability and governance aligned with SDGs. The document includes fundamental concepts and principles of SDG disclosure, recommendations, and steps to guide implementation, offering insights for assurance providers, governments, investors, and reporting organizations of all sizes
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