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Point of no return 2023: Part IV: Climate and biodiversity

2 June 2023
This report assesses the climate and biodiversity policies and practices of 77 of the world’s largest asset managers, who collectively hold over $77 trillion in assets. The report finds that asset managers need stronger and more comprehensive net-zero targets, consistent with limiting biodiversity loss, and a greater focus on climate scenario analysis.

Rethinking climate change: How humanity can choose to reduce emissions 90% by 2035 through the disruption of energy, transportation, and food with existing technologies

31 July 2021
This report examines how existing technologies in energy, transportation, and food could lead to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. Using the Seba Technology Disruption Framework, they forecast disruptive changes and identify how markets could drive emissions mitigation.

Systemic interventions for decarbonisation: The business perspective

1 November 2022
This report advocates for a systemic approach to accelerate rapid decarbonisation, positioning innovative businesses to win from driving such an approach. The report evaluates the associated theoretical high-level insights in the case of the decarbonisation of the light road transport sector, proposing a set of principles for decarbonisation and mindset shifts for business innovators and incumbents.

Climate impacts at work: Supporting a climate ready workforce

Demonstrates empirical evidence of varied climate change impacts and their effects on workers and organisations across a range of industries, working mostly in Victoria. Workers are being affected in many compounding ways. With climate change impacts continuing to worsen, workers and industry must be supported to adapt to climate change.

Bankrolling extinction: The banking sector's role in the global biodiversity crisis

6 January 2020
This report explores the contribution of the banking sector to the biodiversity crisis and the destruction of nature as of 2019. The report ranks the 50 largest banks globally based on their financing of unethical operations, finding a large impact on deforestation, ecosystem destruction and overfishing.

Deloitte Australia cleantech (DACT) index

The quarterly performance of 93 cleantech stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is outlined. Measured in relation to the ASX200, the findings reveal this new and emerging industry's growth in comparison to Australia's already established powerhouse companies.

SDG Industry Matrix: Transportation

The main purpose of the Matrix is to attract and influence the transportation industry to take measures that drive the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Matrix provides industry specific ideas and leading examples for each SDG, and outlines opportunities for the industry, as well as society, through shared value.
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