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Anticipatory finance: An introductory guide

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDDR)
This introductory guide explores anticipatory finance, a funding mechanism released before predicted disasters to reduce humanitarian impact. It explains anticipatory action (AA), details potential finance sources (e.g. donor funds, government budgets, insurance), and presents real-world examples, challenges, and recommendations for implementation.
24 May 2024

Financial crimes and land conversion: Uncovering risk for financial institutions

World Wide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund – WWF)
This report outlines the risks financial institutions face due to land conversion and related financial crimes. It emphasises the convergence of land conversion with crimes like money laundering and corruption, highlighting the need for robust due diligence and risk assessment. It introduces an Environmental Crimes Financial Toolkit to aid institutions in mitigating these risks.
20 May 2024