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Sara Fossum

Sustainability Manager, Laerdal Medical


Sara Fossum is a sustainability management professional with in-depth experience with sustainability advisory across all organisational levels. She currently works as Sustainability Manager for Laerdal Medical and has previously worked with AstraZeneca on their sustainability strategy. She is a graduate from Master of Science in Sustainability at the University of Sydney.


Growth without economic growth

Economic growth is closely correlated to environmental depletion and resource use. This report explores the need to decouple economic growth and resource consumption to achieve the sustainability goals and the European Green Deal. It introduces alternative views to economic growth including circular economics, green growth and doughnut economics.

Net-zero challenge: The supply chain opportunity

1 January 2021
Eight major value chains contribute to over half of the global carbon emissions, indicating that decarbonisation of the supply-chain will be essential in addressing corporate climate change impact. Abatement solutions are already available and affordable. This report addresses how to decarbonise the value chain based on industry.

Building back better with better jobs: Mainstreaming business models for decent work

22 October 2020
Recent years have seen declining job security and working conditions as a result of increased outsourcing and 'gig economy' business models. This report serves as a guide on how businesses can build back from the global pandemic and create decent jobs without compromising business competitiveness and profitability.

How to report on the SDGs: What good looks like and why it matters

Corporate action towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be fundamental to achieve necessary progress. This report aims to guide corporations on how and why to report on the SDGs and gives an overview of current progress based on the top 250 global companies.


Report: How can businesses thrive in a sustainable economy?

22 February 2023

This paper highlights the limitations and misalignment of current business models with the objectives of a sustainable economy as defined by the Doughnut Economics model. Drawing from case studies, the report investigates how business models need to change to fit into a sustainable economy, and presents a new framework for companies and investors to assess an organisation’s alignment with a sustainable economy.