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Finding affordable home options for invisible women

This report explores ownership models for modest-income earning 'middle-aged' women in Australia. Findings suggest that shared equity, build-to-rent and rent-to-own, and staircasing models provide possible affordable home options to this growing group if financial barriers are eliminated through a subsidy or philanthropic funding.

Australia's welfare 2019: Data insights

This 14th biennial welfare report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, presents an overview of the welfare data landscape and explores selected welfare topics - including intergenerational disadvantage, income support, future of work, disability services, elder abuse and child wellbeing - in eight original articles.

The dialogue: The impact of climate change on mortality and retirement incomes in Australia

This report analyses climate change risks to Australians’ health and finances to understand the implications climate change poses to insurers, pension providers and policy-makers. Finding that bushfires, heatwaves and infectious illnesses pose risks to human health and finances resulting in higher mortality, lower superannuation balances and lower retirement incomes.
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