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Can investors save the planet? - NZAMI and fiduciary duty

1 December 2022
The report evaluates asset managers' strategies aligning with the Race to Zero goal of limiting global warming while considering the possibility of a different climate scenario. It finds impactful environmental approaches might pose fiduciary challenges. Authors propose revising commitments to enhance climate impact while upholding fiduciary duties.

Climate scorpion – the sting is in the tail: Introducing planetary solvency

The report explores the risks and impact of climate change on a global scale. The report emphasises the need for a realistic risk assessment urgently and laying out a blueprint on developing a Planetary Solvency framework.

Assessing pharma companies’ response to COVID-19 and the threat of future pandemics

This report analyses pharmaceutical companies’ response during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, their performance in terms of registration and applying equitable access strategies for COVID-19 vaccines, voluntary licensing agreements and technology transfers, and forward-looking assessment of their preparedness for future epidemics and pandemics.

Beyond diversity: Equity and inclusion as an overlooked opportunity for investors

27 July 2021
This research identifies diversity, equity, and inclusion as instruments for creating stronger business performance and highlights the potential opportunity cost incurred by businesses and investors that overlook the possibility of equity and inclusion deficits.

Guidance and case studies for ESG integration: Equities and fixed income

The CFA Institute and Principles for Responsible Investment commissioned a survey on ESG integration, revealing that 56% of investors integrate governance into their equity analysis. Analysts may engage in ESG in fixed-income analysis to evaluate the risks and value of assets. ESG issues help investors arrive at estimates of fair stock value.

Geopolitics of the energy transition: Critical materials

This paper explores strategic approaches for ensuring a sustainable energy transition by investigating the geopolitical aspects of critical materials including their supply chain, responsible efficiency, emergence of new technologies, their impact on labour rights, as well as suggesting ways to mitigate their risks and boost cooperation between countries.

Pensions and impact investing: How are National Advisory Boards (NABs) for impact investing engaging with pension funds to advance the market?

The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) runs an Engaging with Pension Funds working group to support affiliated members to deepen their engagement with pension funds to advance the impact investment market. The report reflects case studies and examples gathered from members of the working group from 2021-2022.

New frontiers in value creation: A guide to impact value creation in collaboration with impact capital managers

9 February 2024
This report explores new frontiers in impact value creation across private markets. It discusses key considerations for financial materiality of impact, sources of impact value creation, and modalities for impact value creation with a focus on case studies.

Truth in impact: A Tideline guide to using the impact investment label

4 August 2021
This report provides insights on sustainable investing labelling. Investors can self-classify and maintain market integrity through clear, accurate labelling backed by independent verification. The report offers a proprietary Framework for Impact Labeling, case studies, and observations about sustainable investing.

The purpose action gap: The business imperative of ESG

12 August 2021
This report examines the gap between what consumers and brands believe and how they act when it comes to purpose and sustainability. Based on studies of 2,500 consumers and interviews with 125 large consumer companies, the report offers valuable insights for businesses looking to meet consumer and investor expectations.
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