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Daniel Wang

I hold a recent degree from Macquarie University, specializing in Applied Finance with a minor in Economics. My keen interest lies in ESG investing and the development of resources to foster sustainability within the finance industry.



Motivated by a desire to enhance his comprehension of environmental sustainability in finance, Daniel undertook an internship at Altiorem with the intention of deepening his grasp of environmental sustainability within the finance sector. Through this experience, he aims to fortify his insights and expertise to actively contribute to the industry’s evolution. This involves subtly incorporating elements of risk management, diversification, and strategic investment planning, aligning with the principles that govern modern portfolio management.


Artificial intelligence solutions to support environmental, social, and governance integration in emerging markets

This report examines the use of artificial intelligence technologies to analyse environmental, social and governance ("ESG") data for investments in emerging markets. It gives a detailed account of an experiment conducted to determine the effectiveness of such technologies in analysing the ESG performance of emerging markets issuers.

Race in the workplace: The Black experience in the US private sector

21 February 2021
The report explores Black workers in the private sector by analysing Black participation in the entire US private-sector economy, their representation, advancement, and experience in companies. And addresses key challenges moving forward including actions companies and stakeholders can take to accelerate progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion.