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SDG Industry Matrix: Healthcare and life sciences

United Nations Global Compact
Compiled by the UN Global Compact and KPMG, the SDG Industry Matrixes focus on the opportunities, principle-based initiatives, and opportunities for collaboration across seven sectors. This matrix applies to companies and initiatives in the healthcare and life sciences sector, highlighting the nexus between sustainability and value.
7 September 2020

Poverty Footprint

United Nations Global Compact
The Poverty Footprint is a tool that enables companies and partners to implement a people-centred assessment of corporate impacts on poverty. The report is used to better understand the impacts of operations and value chain on people and poverty, and to turn this learning into action.
24 July 2020

SDG Industry Matrix: Energy, natural resources and chemicals

United Nations Global Compact
The Industry Matrix aims to inspire and inform the private sector, driving it towards inclusiveness and sustainable prosperity by identifying opportunities for greater social and environmental change. This Matrix applies to industries involved in energy, natural resources and chemicals, outlining ways that companies can create value for shareholders as well as society.
18 July 2020

Examining inequality 2019

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The report looks at different layers of inequality highlighting the role geography and gender have on factors that increase the chance of poverty. It includes case studies examining inequality, primary health care, digital technology, how countries are being impacted by climate change, and recent global data hindering the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
17 July 2020

Implementing inclusive business models: How business can work with low-income communities

United Nations Global Compact
This paper makes the case for why businesses should implement inclusive business models and engage low-income populations along their value chains. It identifies common market constraints of inclusive business models and how to overcome them.
7 February 2020
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